IJJO Interviews

In this new edition, the juvenile justice system in Kenya is analyzed by Mr. Armstrong, who reveals, among other things, the situation and functioning of the detention system of children in Kenya.
From an academic and legal stand point Mr. Viredaz has studied the development of justice for minors in Europe and current trends in terms of research into juvenile delinquency. Therefore we rely on the collaboration of Mr. Baptiste Viredaz, and more specifically on his recent work on “Federal Law on the Criminal Conditions of Minors” and the basic principles that assure the integral protection of the rights of children and adolescents.
The International Juvenile Justice Observatory pays tribute to Prof. Dr. Josine Junger-Tas who passed away at age of 81. She actively participated as a collaborator and as an expert reference in the field of criminology in Europe and beyond.
Dr. María Dolores Serrano Tárraga describes and tells in an exhaustive way about the current situation on child-parent violence in Spain. The family models, national policies and the minor’s disruptive behaviour profile are some of the essential elements highlighted in the thematic IJJO Interview.
El Salvador
Mrs. Santos de Escobar states that delinquency in El Salvador has increased and that the majority of criminal acts are not committed by young people. In this way, she asserts that juvenile delinquency has its base in an exclusionary social system without opportunities in El Salvador. Finally, our collaborator explains the measures of reinsertion anticipated for young people in conflict with the law in El Salvador from a multi-sectorial perspective of the opportunities of global integration of the minor.