IJJO Interviews

Thematic interview in the frame of the PROGRAMME 'PREVENTION OF AND FIGHT AGAINST CRIME' - DREJC 'Drug - Related and Juvenile Crime' (JLS/2007/ISEC/500) - as a result of the active participation of the following experts: Mr. Rafael Forcada Chapa, Ms. Graciela Silvosa Rodríguez and Ms. María Jesús Justo Nieto, in collaboration with the entity Fundación Diagrama - Intervención Psicosocial (Spain), member and active participant of this European program.
Costa Rica
The IJJO pays tribute to Mr. Ronald Woodbridge, who died recently. Mr. Woodbridge, adviser to the Latin American Institute of the United Nations for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (ILANUD) Costa Rica has been for the last 8 years a great friend and active promoter of the IJJO Latin America, ensuring the position of President of the Latin American Observatory of juvenile Justice (OLJJ) since its conception.
In this new edition, the juvenile justice system in Kenya is analyzed by Mr. Armstrong, who reveals, among other things, the situation and functioning of the detention system of children in Kenya.
From an academic and legal stand point Mr. Viredaz has studied the development of justice for minors in Europe and current trends in terms of research into juvenile delinquency. Therefore we rely on the collaboration of Mr. Baptiste Viredaz, and more specifically on his recent work on “Federal Law on the Criminal Conditions of Minors” and the basic principles that assure the integral protection of the rights of children and adolescents.
The International Juvenile Justice Observatory pays tribute to Prof. Dr. Josine Junger-Tas who passed away at age of 81. She actively participated as a collaborator and as an expert reference in the field of criminology in Europe and beyond.