Technical Cooperation

The IJJO provides consultancy and technical assistance, supported by its experience and knowledge in this area, to governments and public and private institutions in the process of updating or improving systems, policies, and programmes related to juvenile justice. This work has been extended principally to Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

This technical cooperation is developed through bilateral collaboration agreements with ministries and public and private administrations, and in the context of regional or sub-regional funding programmes whose objective is to support the exchange of experiences and knowledge between national and regional representatives.

Among the regional funding programmes in which the IJJO has participated, it is worth highlighting the EUROsociAL Programme, a technical cooperation initiative from the European Commission whose principal objective is to contribute to improving social cohesion in Latin America. The IJJO has participated as an operational partner working in the areas of citizen security and justice.

The activities carried out by the Observatory in this line of work include:

  • Assessments, studies, and analytical work prior to the creation of policies and programmes.
  • Consultancy and accompaniment processes for the formulation of public policies and legislations.
  • Exchange of experiences between similar institutions: internships, study visits, etc.
  • Thematic meetings between experts and production of documents for political positioning.
  • Training and professional skills development.