International School of Juvenile Justice

International School of Juvenile JusticeThe IJJO promotes continuing professional development by organising international conferences, workshops and specialist and other training courses in different aspects of juvenile justice.

The International School of Juvenile Justice (ISJJ) is run by the Observatory and offers an e-learning platform to institutions and individuals with the aim of providing specialist training to professionals across the globe in the different areas of juvenile justice.

The ISJJ is also as a collaborative meeting and networking space for all professionals, researchers, teachers, agents and public and private bodies involved in the field of juvenile justice.

Its main lines of action concern the most relevant issues in terms of prevention, educational intervention, legal frameworks, protection of children, social inclusion, etc.

With its active role in Research Development and Innovation (RDI), the ISJJ also serves as a vehicle to better disseminate existing and comparative knowledge at international level.

Among the courses offered by the school are:

  •  “Juvenile Justice within Europe from an International Perspective”
  •  “Specialist in conflict management and bullying at school”
  •  “Effectiveness and innovation in alternative measures to liberty deprivation”
  •  “Towards a focus on justice and restorative practices in juvenile justice systems”