Improving Juvenile Justice Systems in Europe Toolkit

“Can anyone hear me?”
Improving juvenile justice systems in Europe: A toolkit for the training of professionals

The Toolkit ‘Can anyone hear me? Improving juvenile justice systems in Europe: A toolkit for the training of professionals’ focuses on promising practices and techniques related to child-friendly justice. The Toolkit and Manual aim to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge on and respect for the rights of the child in conflict with the law, both in informal and restorative justice procedures, as well as in formal procedures, such as court proceedings.

This publication has been prepared by the Department of Child Law of Leiden University and published by the International Juvenile Justice Observatory, as part of the project ‘Improving Juvenile Justice Systems in Europe: Training for Professionals’ led by the IJJO.

The Toolkit acts as a practical guide for the trainer in shaping and executing the training programme. The structure of the Toolkit and Manual is largely the same, but in the Toolkit extra information is added for the trainers. Every chapter in the Toolkit starts with the following topics:

  • Learning objectives of the chapter.
  • Preparation: the kind of substantive and practical preparation that is needed from the trainer.
  • Summary of the chapter.
  • Time schedule of the training session covering the chapter.

The Toolkit presents questions and exercises in each section of the different chapters focusing on the most important substantive and procedural issues addressed in that particular section. The questions are accompanied by model answers. The questions can be discussed with the participants during the training session or they can be worked on individually, for example as part of homework assignments. The exercises include interactive components requiring active involvement of the participants.


Co-funded by Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union