The Youth Justice Board publishes a report about the state and the future of the youth justice system in England and Wales

La Youth Justice Board publica un informe sobre el estado y futuro del sistema de justicia juvenil en Inglaterra y Gales

The Youth Justice Board has published a report based on working sessions in which more than 200 stakeholders from England and Wales participated, all of which are experts in their fields within or connected to youth justice. They were asked to assess the current state of the system and the necessary advances to strengthen the implementation of the “Child First” model, which prioritises children’s rights and wellbeing.

Keith Fraser, Chair of the Youth Justice Board, comments on his blog that these experts repeatedly mention the need to have a deeper understanding of why children commit crimes, as well as to train professionals to give better responses to their needs in the context of the youth justice system. In order to achieve this, they highlight the importance of having data which is adequate, up-to-date and disseminated effectively.

The report also includes ideas that these experts have proposed to achieve these advances in the youth justice system. Keith Fraser encourages the different organisations involved in the youth justice system to read the report and find inspiration in the great quantity of data and ideas gathered to contribute to the progress of the system.