A series of reports examine the implications of COVID-19 on the juvenile justice system in the UK

Una serie de informes abordan el impacto que ha tenido la COVID-19 en el sistema de justicia juvenil en Reino Unido

Manchester Metropolitan University, in collaboration with the Alliance for Youth Justice (AYJ), has developed a series of reports to analyse the unprecedented implications of the COVID-19 health crisis on has had on all stages that make up the juvenile justice system in England and Wales. This initiative has been published over time, with the last of the documents appearing recently.

The team working on this study has looked in detail at the impact the pandemic has had on service delivery, education, employment and the wellbeing of children in justice-related settings, including how teams of professionals have had to adapt to remote working, delays in trials and the safety of children in custodial settings. This initiative includes interviews and surveys professionals in the justice system, third sector organisations, senior national policy makers and children in conflict with the law.

This study has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as part of the UK Research and Innovation Rapid Response to COVID-19. The project's findings and recommendations will be shared widely with practitioners and decision-makers to shape policy and practice.