The Centre for Justice Innovation publishes a report on diversion for children with special educational needs and disabilities

El Center for Justice Innovation publica un informe sobre medidas extrajudiciales para jóvenes con necesidades educativas especiales

The Centre for Justice Innovation has recently published a report that investigates the effectiveness of diversion processes for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in England and Wales and suggests ways to improve their access to appropriate diversion. It includes insights from children with SEND as well as professionals from police and youth justice services.

This report highlights the need for the youth justice system to be tailored also towards children with SEND, with professionals who know how to address the common needs arising from SEND in order to avoid disproportionality and escalation of situations, enhance the experience for all children, and align with the Child First approach.

The report advocates for providing specialized training to police officers and other professionals who may come into contact with these children and who could help them access diversion options. It also advocates for protocols to ensure that children with SEND can receive adequate and accessible legal advice.