Terms of Use

1. Legal Information:

1.1. In compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 679/2016, you are informed that you are visiting the website of the INTERNATIONAL JUVENILE JUSTICE OBSERVATORY, with NIF BE884342565, web address www.oijj.org, and postal address Rue du Sceptre 57A. 1050 Ixelles Brussels. Belgium.

As such, you are informed that the Legal Notice, General Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Data Processing Register can be modified in full or in part by their owner, in line with the periodical revision that is recommended.

If you have any queries, you can contact us by email at oijj@oijj.org.

1.2. By means of these legal terms, both the use of this website by its users and the information contained within it are regulated. Access to the website presumes the acceptance of these terms, which can be unilaterally modified by the IJJO at any point and without prior warning.

1.3. The IJJO reserves the right to modify without prior warning, in full or in part, the design, the presentation or the configuration of this website, as well as adding to, modifying or removing the service offered to users.

1.4. By “USER” and “COLLABORATOR” (going forwards, both will be referred to as “WEB USER”), the IJJO refers to the natural person who accesses the IJJO website and/or who reads and accepts these Terms of Use, who then proceeds to fill in the registration form, entering their personal details, including being able to attach files in any of the formats indicated, all of which is necessary to be able to have access to services, summons, job offers and any other resource that may be published by IJJO on its website.

1.5. The IJJO does not permit the inclusion of content on its website that may affect the successful operation of the service, and it is thus within its rights to withdraw without prior warning any content or statement entered by a WEB USER which contravenes its legality, without prejudice to its right to use any legal action that may aid this case, or which are not appropriate with the aims of the service.

1.6. The website content produced by the IJJO, especially IJJO images, trademarks and logos, are property of the IJJO and are protected by the industrial and intellectual property legislation, not including illicit content or content which infringes on the legislation in force. Any misuse, illegal or other use of the content by the user in contradiction of these terms, without the express written consent of the IJJO, remains prohibited.

The icons, photos, sounds, images and multimedia documents included in our webpage that have not been produced by the IJJO have either been signed over by the copyright holders, or they are not copyrighted, or as far are we are aware, there is no evidence of copyright. If the case is otherwise, we would appreciate being notified in order to process the removal of these documents immediately.

The opinions expressed on our website are those of their authors, who accept full responsibility for their own opinions.

Under no circumstance, including negligence, can the IJJO be charged with the responsibility of any direct or indirect damage caused as a result of the use or the inability to use the content of this webpage.

Our texts, information and illustrations are written for our visitors with the intention of being useful to them. Nevertheless, we delegate all responsibility regarding use by these visitors from our contacts.

When the website contains a link to an external website, the IJJO assumes no responsibility in regard to the content of said website.

2. Aim:

2.1. These Terms of Use regulate the access and use by the WEB USER of the service which the IJJO provides to the users of its website.

2.2. In using the website, the WEB USER fully accepts the provisions included in these Terms of Use, in the version published by the IJJO at the time that the WEB USER registers on the site.

3. Availability of service:

3.1. The service will be continuously available, until the IJJO decides to remove it, or to change or remove its website. The WEB USER recognises that it is technically not possible to achieve total availability of the service, however the IJJO will try to keep it available as constantly as possible.

3.2. Maintenance (notice of which will appear occasionally on the website), technical anomalies on the website or on the Internet network, or causes not attributable to the IJJO may lead to the temporary suspension of the service, which will be reinstated as quickly as possible, and in response to which the WEB USER cannot make any claim regarding the interruptions to the service.

4. Obligations of the WEB USER:

4.1. To use the website and the service available from it diligently, subject to the Law, to good practice and to these Terms, as well as maintaining due respect to other users.

4.2. To make good use of their identifying code (ID or “login”), which will be determined by their email address, and of their password to access the service offered on the website, committing to save this data and use it with due diligence. The use of the password is personal and non-transferable, and it is forbidden to give it, even temporarily, to third parties. Regarding any incident relating to the password, the WEB USER must make the IJJO aware, and the IJJO will not be responsible for any misuse of the password by the WEB USER or for any lack of communication of incidents which may have caused it.

4.3. To facilitate truthful and current information, guaranteeing the authenticity of all data communicated as a consequence of personal data entry at the time of registration or of the latter modification of this data.

4.4. To respect the applicable laws and third-party laws when using the content and service of the website; reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaption and modification of the features and content of the website by any means and in any form remaining prohibited.

4.5. To not use content that violates the legal provisions in force, either against the IJJO or third parties, such as pornographic content, content which violates child protection laws, mass communication (e.g. junk mail or “spam”, chain mail, pyramid schemes, etc.), content which threatens the fundamental rights of other users, content which is legally protected (e.g. intellectual property, patents and brands, etc.) and, in summary, any other content prohibited by law. The IJJO may remove content from the website that is illegal or presumed illegal without prior warning.

4.6. Do not use programs or any procedure or information technology in detriment to the successful working of the website, whether to extract or spread the data of other WEB USERS, or to insert a virus or any other malware that could damage the content or the IJJO’s information systems (e.g. “pirating”, “hacking” or “cracking”).

5. Responsibility of the WEB USER:

5.1. The WEB USER will respond to the IJJO or to third parties that may be affected by damages caused as a consequence of non-compliance with the obligations within these Terms of Use or with applicable legislation.

5.2. The WEB USER is the only party responsible for the inaccuracy or falsity of the data given and of damage that this could cause to the IJJO or to third parties.

5.3. Any incident related with the provision of data or with the use of the service by the USER, and which may affect their interests, should be communicated to the IJJO via the email indicated on the website. The IJJO is not responsible for possible damage that may arise for the USER with respect to such incidents that have not been duly communicated.

6. Applicable legislation:

6.1. Any possible discrepancies that may arise from the interpretation of these Terms of Use will be reduced, expressly waiving any applicable legislation that may be had, before the judges and tribunals of the city of Murcia.