Reincidências Objetivos

Reincidências. Young offenders recidivism and prevention of delinquency



The overall objective of the Reincidências project is to create and implement a technical and methodological support device within the Portuguese Youth Justice’s Probation Services (Direcção-Geral de Reinserção Social - DGRS) that systematically collects data, carries out studies to estimate young offender’s recidivism as well as the effectiveness of the juvenile justice system in preventing crime.

Specific objectives:

1) Measure the recidivism of young offenders subjected to the intervention of the justice system - based on evidence (police data) and based on previous court decisions;

2) Promote the appropriate conditions for decreasing prevalence rates of recidivism, associating static factors and type of court order;

3) Identify dynamic risk factors associated with recidivism, defining recidivist versus non-recidivist youth profiles, clarifying the recidivism definition - persistence, diversity, severity and incidence;

4) Promote the appropriate conditions to evaluate the effectiveness of youth probation service interventions in preventing young offender recidivism, as well as the impact of court measures on delinquent behaviour.


Co-funded by the Programme Prevention of and Fight against Crime of the European Union