FACT FOR MINORS - Fostering Alternative Care for Troubled Minors Objetivos


The main objective of the project is to complement the efforts of the EU in the area of the rights of the child by boosting child protection system changes in the 5 partner countries: Finland, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Indeed, it aims at improving the efficiency of the child protection systems of these countries so as to improve outcomes for children, in particular children with mental health disorders in alternative care communities.

In order to ensure that these children are guaranteed full access to their rights, including educational, social, and therapeutic, in a child-appropriate manner and context, the project will strengthen the capacity of professionals working for or with children in alternative care to respond adequately to the particular needs of children with psychiatric or personality disorders. Furthermore, it will also strengthening interagency and multidisciplinary cooperation in the area of the rights of children in alternative care so as to improve the systems’ response capacity to some children’s special needs, as well as raise awareness in the area of the rights of the child, and particularly in regards to children in alternative care, at national and EU level.


Funded by Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) programme of the European Union