Webinar: 'Child First participation and co-production in youth justice'

Child First participation and co-production in youth justice

Child First puts children’s priorities, interests and their emotional health and wellbeing needs at the forefront of service design and delivery. It is a rich and powerful concept, which has the potential to further transform adult-led approaches and supervision, igniting a commitment to co-creating practice with children. This is based on the importance of organisational strategies and interventions principally focused on encouraging children’s meaningful participation throughout assessment processes, intervention planning and supervision.

In addition, insights from co-production can crucially help to shift power within relationships to maximise children’s voice and influence how they receive services. This intention can be realised through viewing children as capable and knowledgeable experts and repositioning the role of professionals into a facilitator of participation and co-learner.

In this engaging and interactive CYCJ webinar, Dr Sean Creaney (Edge Hill University) and Dr Samantha Burns (Durham University) explain and discuss the barriers and facilitators to Child First participation and co-production in youth justice. They explore how professionals can further break with adult-centric practices. Dr Creaney and Dr Burns will offer a rich and insightful account of the steps required to execute more transformative participation with children to foreground children’s voices in decision making processes.

There will be opportunities for delegates to ask questions, share observations and offer perspectives on the extent and nature of participatory approaches in child and youth justice services.

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Children's and Young People's Centre for Justice
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