Restorative Justice from a Children's Rights Perspective


Do you want to learn more about the rights and needs of young people in the Criminal Justice System? Are you interested in trauma-informed working and trends in Restorative Justice worldwide?

Join us for this exciting, 2-day, in-person training course where we will connect the themes of Restorative Justice, children's rights and trauma informed practice in relation to young people. We will identify not only the tensions between these practices but also their potential to provide a coherent framework of practice which restores what has been lost, damaged or violated in the lives of young people. If you work with young people or make decisions on their behalf, this course will offer you fresh perspectives and skills that will enhance the quality and effectiveness of your practice. It will help you to understand Restorative Justice from the inside to inform the decisions you make about young people. 

By attending you will:

  • Work interactively with experienced trainers who will share insights from their book on the topic
  • Learn new skills around Restorative Justice, children's rights and trauma-informed working
  • Get involved in discussions and networking with other professionals in the field
  • Receive certification of completion of the course

The course would be useful for:

  • People working in the youth justice system
  • Restorative Justice practitioners
  • The education sector
  • Policy and decision makers 
  • Children's rights advocates
  • Charities and organisations supporting children and young people
  • Anyone with an interest in children's rights, Restorative Justice or trauma informed practice
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Reino Unido
The Gestalt Centre
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Centros de formación
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The Gestalt Centre, 15-23 St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PT, Reino Unido