Reframing restorative justice – a workshop for advocates and educators

According to Reframing crime and justice: a guide to improving communications (Transform Justice, 2020: 1), framing is about ‘the choices we make when we communicate’. The purpose of this workshop is to learn about cutting-edge research on framing criminal justice and restorative justice, and consider the implications for how we speak about restorative justice and justice reform with different publics.

We will hear from Penelope Gibbs (Director, Transform Justice) about research on public responses to different framings of criminal justice reform and the guidebooks Transform Justice have developed to support progressive advocacy. We will also hear from Lucy Jaffé (Director, Why me?) about a research project exploring the reframing of restorative justice for professionals.

This workshop has been organised as a collaboration of Restorative Justice: Strategies for Change and the Restorative Justice Pedagogy Network.

A closed meeting of Restorative Justice: Strategies for Change will follow the workshop.


20 minutes – Reframing criminal justice (Penelope Gibbs, Transform Justice)

20 minutes – Reframing restorative justice for professionals (Lucy Jaffé, Why Me?)

20 minutes – Q&A and discussion

30 minutes – Exercise and discussion

Followed by a closed meeting of Restorative Justice: Strategies for Change (30 minutes)

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Dr. Ian Marder