Child First prevention: Improving youth justice interventions

(In-person event, with a live stream option)

DISSEMINATION: Professor Steve Case and colleagues have conducted a detailed review of preventative interventions in the YJS. Using a 'Realist Synthesis' methodology of policy review, expert interviews and thematic analyses, they identified the main programme theories that have shaped 'effective' youth justice interventions (risk-based and restorative theories) and are beginning to shape more progressive, context-sensitive and child-friendly, CHILD FIRST interventions (Child First, child-focused and relationship-based theories). In this dissemination and knowledge exchange event, Case et al will present their findings and a series of recommendations to improve youth justice interventions by emphasising the CONTEXTS in which interventions are delivered, the MECHANISMS of change and programme theories that shape interventions and the OUTCOMES targeted to evidence 'effectiveness'.

KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE: There will be significant time allocated to discussion and knowledge exchange, with anticipated input and insight from the YJB, YOTs, Youth Custody Service, third sector and academia. We wish to discuss with stakeholders the implications of these findings and recommendations for practice, strategy, policy and research, paying particular attention to recommendations for improved, Child First interventions - aligning with the guiding principle for youth justice (YJB 2021) and the central principle of the new Case Management Guidance (YJB 2022).

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University of Birmingham, Loughborough University, University of Leeds
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Professor Stephen Case
+44(0)1509 223364