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Samedi 08 Août 2020


Youth Together for Human Rights Education


Asie, Pakistan

TypePays d'origineConstitution

ONG droits de l´homme Pakistan2008


Droits de l'homme, Éducation, Enfant, Protection


Their mission is to educate people on human rights as written by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, so that individuals and especially, women and children’s rights are protected.

Unless individuals take action to enhance the human rights of all, everyone is at risk of losing their rights. The organization’s mission is to educate every sector of Pakistan on Human Rights, to carry out any training, educational programs, counselling and services that increase the skill, ability, and knowledge level of the individuals and/or provide services that help the individual and community live a better life.

Their mission includes enabling the individual to protect their own Human Rights and also grant others their Human Rights, thereby creating a society, that upholds the Human Rights  of all.

Information d'intérêt

Youth Together for Human Rights Education is an organisation with dedicated team members. Its purpose is to make planet Earth a place everyone can call home. They mostly work in the UK and Pakistan and are ready to help anywhere their help is needed.

One of their main projects they are currently implementing is the Human Rights Awareness program. They are also working in various cities in Pakistan through the combined efforts of their volunteers.

Youth Together for Human Rights Education is affiliated with Youth for Human Rights International  (YHRI). They use Human Rights booklets/posters provided by YHRI's within their educational programs.

Données de contact

Office No.604, 6th Floor, Sky Mark Tower, Plot No. A/13, Block 7/8 , KCHSU Off Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan
Téléphone:03008 96 76 56


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  • Siège: Rue Armand Campenhout, nº 72 bte 10. 1050. Bruxelles. Belgique.

    Téléphone: 00 32 262 988 90. Fax: 00 32 262 988 99.

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