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Mardi 04 Août 2020


Uganda Child Rights NGO Network


Afrique, Ouganda

TypePays d'origineConstitution

Réseau d'ONGs Ouganda1997


Développement, Droits de l'homme, Enfant


UCRNN strives to broaden and deepen the Child Rights Agenda in Uganda by collaborating and contributing to the effective role of 106 member organizations by 2018. Strategic Focus: To achieve the above vision, three specific strategic objectives were set. These include: To collectively advocate for the implementation of the rights and responsibilities of children. To collectively monitor the implementation of and promote understanding of child rights at all levels in Uganda. To strengthen the institutional capacity of the Network to fulfill its mandate. The above objectives were planned to be realized through interventions in three programme areas that are aligned to each of the objectives. These included; Collective advocacy, monitoring and promoting child rights instruments and Institutional development. 

Information d'intérêt

Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN) is a coalition of child focused organizations including community based, national and international organizations working for the welfare and the rights of children in Uganda. UCRNN envisions a society where children’s rights are realized and exists to promote a coordinated action for the promotion and protection of children’s rights in Uganda. Established in 1997 to spearhead the writing of the NGO Alternative report to the Government of Uganda Report to the UN Committee of Experts on the Rights of the Child, UCRNN has over the years expanded its membership and scope of programs to include collective advocacy, research and capacity building.

Données de contact

Uganda Child Rights NGO Network, P O Box 10293, Plot 18, Tagore Crescent , Kampala, Kamwokya , Ouganda
Téléphone:+256 414 543 548


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