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Jeudi 27 Février 2020

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La Acción Socioeducativa que llevan a cabo los Educadores de Trato Directo en los Centros Cerrados de la Zona Central de Chile

Denisse Claudia Poblete González


This doctoral research is a qualitative study about the vision of educators dealing directly regarding educational action carried out in closed regime centers of central Chile. For context, we can say that these centers are enclosures managed by the National Service for Minors (SENAME) that houses youths who have committed crime and meet private condemnation of freedom.

In order to meet the educators in charge of educational action, focus groups were conducted in each of the five existing centers in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 13th regions. The objectives that guide this study are to know and understand educational action from the perspective of educators, those who carry out and provide with guidelines to improve this work.

Among the conclusions it has been shown that from the perspective of educators, the centers conform to a repressive rehabilitation model designed for teenagers who are characterized by both violent and emotional needs. For this reason, for educators the most important resource to carry out the educational action is bonding so as to achieve some control and conflict management, using techniques such as good treatment, effective communication and the observation of inmates. However, despite the efforts of educators they do not have specialized training, which is why we work to improve preparation in social skills and the knowledge necessary to face day to day life in closed centers.


Amérique Latine - Chili

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2015 Espagnol

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Publications Thèse


Adolescent, Centres, Contrevenants, Éducation, Mineurs


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