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Sábado, 19 de Septiembre de 2020


Save the African People International



TipoPaís de origen

ONG República Democrática del Congo (Zaire)


Adolescente, Cooperación al desarrollo, Pobreza, Víctimas


SAPI works with local governments and partner organisations in 3 countries in Africa (DR- Congo, Kenya and Burundi in:

Development-helping people improve their lives sustainably by implementing long-term projects in the field of Sustainable Livelihoods and food security, Health Child Development, and income generating activities for the widows,

Social care-providing care for marginalised people; the elderly, chronically ill, prisoners and people with disabilities.

Disaster management-helping people who have been affected by natural disasters as well as victims of political or military conflicts. SAPI International offers Relief, Rehabilitation as well as Risk Reduction and Preparedness interventions.

Education-to assist the orphaned children’s in education, to pay the schools fees and the clothing.

SAPI is forming strategic partnership with local NGO, which are dedicated to the empowerment of widows. These local NGOs work in close collaboration with Save the African People International to develop unique solutions for empowerment widows that are culturally and socially appropriate, as most importantly- sustainable.


Created by Phidias Mufan, a leading advocate, SAPI aims to provide the youth, vulnerable children and households in targeted communities with training in business enterprise, health and safety, financial literacy, management of rural property and agriculture. This important aspect of this work creates an opportunity to improve the livelihoods of households, entrepreneurship and access to credit.

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5325 avenue Dayton, 45431, Fredonia , Ohio, República Democrática del Congo (Zaire)


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