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Viernes, 18 de Septiembre de 2020


Cook County Justice for Children


América del Norte, Estados Unidos

TipoPaís de origenConstitution

ONG Estados Unidos2012


Comunidad, Justicia, Juvenil, Niño


Cook County Juvenile Court in 1899.  CCJC is committed to promoting the safety of our communities while ensuring that the children and families who come to the attention of the court, either as a result of abuse or neglect or crimes committed as juveniles, are protected, their development nurtured, and their legal rights ably represented. 

Supported by a board of engaged and knowledgeable citizens, CCJC supports and promotes transparency of the administration of the Juvenile Court and Juvenile Temporary Detention Center  while protecting client confidentiality; advises the court on effective court protocol and procedures based on best scientific knowledge and practice; raises public awareness and understanding of  the court, the detention center, and the children and families they serve; and works to ensure public and child safety while minimizing the number of youth removed from their families and exposed to detention, incarceration, or other public care.


CCJC was established in June of 2012 by the Jane Addams Juvenile Court Foundation (JAJCF). The long-term goals of JAJCF were to promote the capacity of the Court to guide troubled children and families towards stable, productive, and healthy lives and to return this Court to its original stature as the preeminent model of compassionate and effective justice for children, families, and communities. In 2002, JAJCF completed a comprehensive strategic planning process, in partnership with the leadership of the juvenile court and a broad base of the court’s stakeholders. JAJCF then kicked-off a finite ten-year mission to bring that plan to fruition. Toward the end of its tenure, the JAJCF Board acted to ensure that their accomplishments were sustained and that progress continued through the establishment of CCJC. CCJC is an outgrowth of their legacy, and benefits from the many strong partnerships developed by JAJCF over its years at the court—most notably with the Chief Judge, but also with each of the offices of the court and other key outside players. As JAJCF’s successor organization, CCJC is working to build upon these relationships to establish a new avenue through which the citizens of Cook County can effect systems change within the juvenile justice and child protection divisions of the Cook County Juvenile Court.

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228 S. WABASH AVENUE 10TH FL, IL 60602, Chicago, Estados Unidos


  • Observatorio Internacional de Justicia Juvenil (OIJJ). Fundación Belga de Utilidad Pública

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