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Jueves, 28 de Mayo de 2020

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Promoting a New Direction for Youth Justice: Strategies to Fund a Community-Based Continuum of Care and Opportunity

Samantha Harvell, Chloe Warnberg, Leah Sakala, Constance Hull
Urban Institute


Over the past two decades, the United States has seen a dramatic decline in youth arrests and a fundamental shift in its approach to youth justice. Recognizing the detrimental effects of incarceration on youth and communities, states and localities are increasingly embracing community-based strategies to prevent, intervene, and respond to harmful and/or illegal behavior. Yet, despite this shift, they continue to funnel the vast majority of funding to incarceration rather than investing in community-driven solutions. Building a true continuum of care and opportunity for youth and families in their home communities to both prevent and address the root causes of illegal behavior requires substantial investment, particularly given that communities disproportionately impacted by youth incarceration often also experience concentrated disadvantage that creates structural barriers to youths’ success. There is a pressing need to identify proven, promising, and innovative strategies for investing in community-based solutions and, moreover, to follow the lead of those closest to the challenges on the ground in developing and implementing tailored strategies. This is the next frontier of juvenile justice reform and crucial to the kind of transformational change that true justice demands


América del Norte - Estados Unidos

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2019 Inglés

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Literatura Gris Informe

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Comunidad, Justicia, Juvenil


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