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Sábado, 08 de Agosto de 2020

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Getting It Right: Building Blocks

Children's Convention Monitoring Group


When children play with building blocks, they quickly figure out that for their tower to stand tall and steady, the first layer of blocks must be positioned correctly. Good structures need strong foundations. In order to build a society that provides for the rights of all children, we know it’s critical to get the right building blocks in place first. This report focuses on what the UN calls the General Measures of Implementation or the steps governments are expected to take in order to enable the implementation of the Children’s Convention. In this report we call these ‘measures’ building blocks. This report focusses on ten building blocks that are required to enable the implementation of the Children’s Convention as follows:

1. The Children’s Convention in law

2. A plan for all children

3. Coordination

4. Training and tools

5. Data

6. Budgeting

7. Monitoring

8. Children’s participation

9. Raising awareness

10. Withdrawing reservations and acceding to the Third Optional Protocol

This report will acknowledge recent progress in some of these areas; will highlight where we have fallen short as a country in laying the proper foundations needed to implement the Children’s Convention; and will make 15 key recommendations for progress. We call on the Government to put their words into action and to invest in the infrastructure that is needed to ensure the Children’s Convention is embedded in Aotearoa so that all children can flourish and thrive.


Oceanía - Nueva Zelanda

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