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Sábado, 19 de Septiembre de 2020

Actividades OIJJ

Tertiary Prevention Strategies for Substance-Abusing Juvenile Offenders

enero 2010 - septiembre 2011 Droga, Infractores, Prevención


Within the framework of the European Programme “drug prevention and information”, the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) is collaborating on The European Project. 'Juvenile Drug Use. Tertiary prevention strategies-”. According to the review of several studies and researches there have recently been several changes on the profile, age of first use of young people and drugs misuse. Bearing in mind that the target group of the present programme is youngsters in conflict with the law with substance misuse with community based sanctions, the partners project members will propose a reflection on the issue and tackle the national service strategies which are currently managing our target group. An interdisciplinary vision which involves the youth justice, public health and social services is crucial in the present approach. The possibility of establishing an exchange and transnational comparison – within Europe – that focuses on the development and implementation of effective strategies based on the analysis of the promising strategies at EU level, increases the efficacy of networks that include diverse institutions and the multidisciplinary nature that characterizes these networks.


This project has the objective of supporting the development of specific, effective and preventive intervention with minors in conflict with the law, who are consumers of addictive substances and carrying out a measure of community integration. Through the analysis of good practices that already exist in different European countries the obtained results will lead to future actions which raise awareness among different stakeholders, professionals and experts in the field.


The results of this project were evident not only in terms of a reduction in drug use and related behaviour on the part of at-risk adolescents, but also: - Greater cooperation and information sharing between key agencies and service providers; - Greater awareness of the evolving problems associated with drug use; - Greater sensitivity to the need to tailor prevention efforts to specific groups/youths in a holistic manner; - Establishment of an multi-country network of experts and institutions that deal with or provide services to justice involved youth with substance use problems.

Download Tertiary Final report


Istituto Don Calabria. Italy.
International Juvenile Justice Observatory. Belgium.
Diagrama Foundation. United Kingdom.
Crime Prevention Foundation. Estonia.
Psychoanalytical Institute for Social Research. Italy.

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