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Viernes, 10 de Julio de 2020

Actividades OIJJ

European Programme DREJC: 'Drug-related and Juvenile Crime'

diciembre 2008 - febrero 2010 Droga, Juvenil, Prevención


The project Drejc, Drug Related Juvenile Crime JLS/2007/ISEC 500 lasted 2 years, among the specific objective to be achieved, the analysis of drug related juvenile crime aimed to individuate and define: the significant variables for the creation of European Recommendation arising from reflections based on the praxis proposed by partners; the common and shared indicators on legal and operating models of intervention towards the minor; the prevailing crimes where minors are involved through analysis of the criminal activities areas and the dimension of the juvenile involvement; the legal and operating interventions paths of prevention and rehabilitation. The different specific responses depended of course also on the legal framework within which the project’s activities and intervention have been implemented.


The project Drejc, Drug Related Juvenile Crime JLS/2007/ISEC 500, aimed to face the thematic of correlation between the misuse of drugs or substances and the commission of crimes within the framework of the juvenile context.


To develop an international study as well as some innovative recommendations about the intervention procedures with minor offenders and drug addicts in the interface between the criminal and treatment measures.

Final Report. European Programme DREJC: 'Drug-related and Juvenile Crime'


Istituto Don Calabria. Italy.
Juvenile Justice Department. Italy.
Fundación Diagrama. Spain.
University of Bremen. Germany.
International Juvenile Justice Observatory. Belgium.

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