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Jueves, 22 de Octubre de 2020

Actividades OIJJ

EUROPEAN DIMENSION PROJECT. European comparative analysis and transfer of knowledge on juvenile delinquency forms.

diciembre 2008 - julio 2011 Delincuencia, Infractores, Prevención


The IJJO participated and monitored the European project European Dimensions in Juvenile Delinquency. The objective of this programme, financed by the Directorate-General for Justice, Freedom and Security of the European Commission, was to promote efficient indications to define programmes for the prevention of juvenile delinquency by taking into consideration the experiences and results that were obtained in five European countries. In each country and also on a global level, recent phenomena in juvenile delinquency, like cyber-crime and E-bullying, the influence of drug use on crime, youth gangs and finally the exploitation of minor immigrants in crime, were analysed and studied. These topics were also developed during the International Congress on Recent 'Phenomena in Juvenile Delinquency: new penal forms' organised by the IJJO in 2007.


Define and promote horizontal methods and instruments for a fight and prevention strategy against criminality and for the support of security and public order;
Promote and organize mutual coordination, cooperation and comprehension action between local and national Ahorities and the Oganizations linked to the EU;
Strengthen and professionalise operators and Oganizations involved in preventing crime, especially with regard to the issues in the light of the priorities identified within the European Crime Prevention Net;
Identify and assess good practices and effective interventions;
Realization of a “Recommendations dossier” to disseminate to experts, operators, competent Authorities at national and European level.


The results that the project intends to achieve are:
a) Improving the European network able to achieve effective and specific prevention programs at European level;
b) Identifying of common and shared indicators for the operative models of intervention;
c) Building an organic and multi-sectorial intervention system on the issues addressed.

As regards the medium term results we can indicate:
- The re-definition and re-modulation of synergies between the Organizations and Authorities;
- The adoption of the Recommendations produced by the Administration Authority for Justice and Welfare;
- The greater integration between the social and the juvenile justice Policies to improve juvenile justice models for a genuine and effective use of best practices in the intervention programs.

Final Dossier. European Dimension Project: 'European comparative analysis and transfer of knowledge on juvenile delinquency forms'


[Applicant] - Istituto Don Calabria. Italy.
[Partners] - Juvenile Justice Department. Italy.
Fundación Diagrama. Spain.
Fundacja Diagrama. Poland.
Association Diagrama. France.
Pupil-Parent Partnership Ltd. United Kingdom.
International Juvenile Justice Observatory. Belgium.

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