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Friday 24th of January 2020


The Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre



TypeCountry of originConstitution

Research Centre Belgium2010


Child, Human Rights, Research


The Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre (in Dutch abbreviated as KeKi) aims to gather, make available, disseminate and stimulate scientific knowledge on children’s rights. KeKi’s mission is translated into concrete objectives based on the following four principles: Scientific, as KeKi grounds its activities in the results of scientific research. Interdisciplinary as KeKi maintains an interdisciplinary perspective in its approach of children’s rights. This does neither exclude the realization of unidisciplinary studies or trainings, nor does it hinder future steps being taken towards a transdisciplinary approach. Critical-emancipatory as KeKi adopts a critical-emancipatory approach towards children’s rights. This implies that the basic principles of the concept of children’s rights are being examined and its possibilities and limitations explored (critical). Children’s rights are also seen as a potential lever to change the social relations in our society towards more human dignity (emancipatory).Balance between involvement and distance as KeKi allows for being involved while maintaining room for critical reflection.


KeKi is an interdisciplinary centre, supported by an interuniversity platform of researchers affiliated with the following institutions: University of Antwerp, Free University of Brussels, Ghent University, University College Ghent and University of Leuven. The establishment of KeKi was envisaged in the Decree of 18 July 2008 regarding a Flemish youth and children’s rights policy. KeKi is operational since 1 January 2010, with the support of the Flemish authorities.  

Contact details

Children's Rights Knowledge Centre (KeKi), Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 D-building, first floor, room 1.023 , 9000 , Ghent, Belgium
Telephone: +32 9 243 24 70


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