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Saturday 4th of July 2020


My Brother's Keeper Alliance

MBK Alliance


North America, United States

TypeCountry of originConstitution

NGO United States2015


Assistance, Association, Community, Welfare


MBK Alliance’s commitment to sustainable, long-term, and effective engagement rests on four key missions:

Catalyzing Place-Based Change to help spark localized change and spread impactful practices throughout the country.

Creating Aligned Action to unite cross-sector actors around a common agenda for BYMOC with measurable targets.

Generating Commitments to spur new capital and engage the private sector to deliver impactful talent policies.

Scaling “What Works” to identify and scale innovative solutions and promote evidence-based best practices.


Born out of an understanding about the issues facing both boys and men of color and their surrounding ecosystem, MBK Alliance’s vision is to make the American Dream available to all boys and young men of color by eliminating gaps in their opportunities and outcomes.

The challenges facing boys and men of color are pervasive and enduring, and MBK Alliance knows what it takes to achieve lasting change: a sustained driving force. MBK Alliance will be that force by uniting leaders across philanthropic, nonprofit, and private sectors to improve life outcomes of boys and men of color; by mobilizing resources and generating commitment from private sector partners; and by providing an infrastructure to support a national movement.

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Washington,D.C., United States


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  • Head Office: Rue Armand Campenhout, nº 72 bte 10. 1050. Brussels. Belgium

    Phone: 00 32 262 988 90. Fax: 00 32 262 988 99. oijj@oijj.org

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