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Sunday 23rd of February 2020


Children's Law Centre


Europe, Ireland

TypeCountry of originConstitution

Charity Ireland1997


Child, Protection, Rights, Risk factors



  • Compliment existing services provided by voluntary, community, statutory and legal sectors.
  • Work in partnership with children, parents, carers and other agencies.
  • Provide accessible information, advice and representation.
  • Promote children's participation.
  • Provide education and training programmes to increase understanding of children's rights.
  • Engage in legislation and policy commentary.

Legal Services

CLC provides a child focused and child friendly legal advice, information and representation service unique in Northern Ireland. The work of the legal team includes:

  • CHALKY Freephone advice line for children/young people and their parents/carers.
  • Free legal representation for children/young people at educational tribunals, mental health review tribunals, SENDIST appeals etc.
  • Representation in a small number of strategic Judicial Reviews.
  • 3rd Party Interventions on key children's rights issues.

Policy Work

The policy team at CLC works to ensure that all new legislation and policies are compliant with children's rights. This work involves:

  • Making consultation responses.
  • Briefing decision makers, partner organisations, children/young people and the general public.
  • Making written and oral submissions to Northern Ireland Assembly committees.
  • Attending Party Conferences.
  • Consulting with children and young people and representing their views to decision makers.


CLC provides a range of training seminars for legal professionals, service providers, parents and carers on a wide range of topics related to children's rights. These include:

  • Special Educational Needs
  • Children's Human Rights in Practice
  • Rights of Homeless Young People
  • Mental Health
  • Access to Justice
  • Equality of Opportunity for Children and Young People

CLC also delivers children's rights workshops in schools and youth settings

Youth Participation and Advocacy Work

The work of CLC is guided and directly informed by the views of youth@clc, our youth advisory panel.  Youth@clc inform our work through:

  • Participation in consultation responses
  • Running children's rights based campaigns


The Children’s Law Centre is one of the leading children’s charities in NI. It works to protect the rights of all children living in NI but in particular those who are the most disadvantaged, especially children who are living with disabilities, have special educational needs, mental health problems and are experiencing discrimination. We use the law to access critical services for children and young people and to challenge the discrimination and disadvantage suffered by many of our most vulnerable children. We provide a free legal advice service and legal representation for children and young people. We also work to create a society where all children can access all the necessary services and avail of all opportunities to enjoy their childhood and realise their full potential. We are committed to giving a voice to the most disadvantaged and voiceless children.

Children’s Law Centre is a company limited by guarantee, No NI33998

Northern Ireland Charity number: NIC 101148

Contact details

2nd Floor, 127-131 Ormeau Road , BT7 1SH , Belfast, Ireland
Telephone: 028 90245704 - Fax: 028 90245679


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