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Monday 1st of June 2020

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New CRIN global report on children’s access to justice

Friday 26th of February 2016
Juvenile Justice in the world

Child Rights International Network (CRIN) has recently published its first global report on access to justice for children. With this comprehensive study, CRIN aims to draw attention to the fact that access to justice for children is a vital human right, which is nevertheless all too often forgotten or ignored in practice. At the end of the report, scores for practically all existing countries are included in a ranking based on their respective efforts to guarantee effective judicial means to protect children’s rights.

For over a decade, the United Nations Commission on the Rights of the Child has been emphasizing the importance of the availability of effective remedies in cases where children’s rights are being violated. In response to the Commission’s calls, CRIN instigated a comprehensive research project to examine how violations of children’s rights can be challenged in different national legal systems.

To conduct its investigation, CRIN relied on a range of indicators, classified under the following four headings: the legal status of the UN Convention on the Rights on the Child, the legal status of the child, remedies and practicalities.   

Heading the CRIN’s ranking is Belgium, which has been praised for its comprehensive legal aid system for minors, its mechanisms to give children a voice in the courtroom and to protect their privacy, and its ratification of the Third Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Non-European countries among the 20 best performers include Kenya, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Canada and El Salvador. At the bottom of the ranking, Eritrea and Equatorial Guinea are found, countries with justice systems that have been referred to as not “juvenile-friendly” .

The IJJO supports the efforts of Child Rights International Network and urges governments to carefully consider this organization’s latest report when taking action to improve children’s access to justice, in order to guarantee this right for all children and to adapt justice systems to meet their needs.

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