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Thursday 9th of July 2020

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New releases: guidelines and handbook for the care of young people with mental health issues subject to a penal measure

Thursday 9th of August 2018
IJJO Day by Day

Two new publications have recently been released in the framework of the project ‘FACT FOR MINORS – Fostering Alternative Care for Troubled Minors’, which addresses the question of children with psychological, psychiatric or personality disorders who are hosted in alternative care communities as a result of penal measures. 

The first of the new publications is a set of recommendations on the European care of children with special needs in alternative care arrangements, entitled ‘Guidelines for the Strategic Implementation of Processes Regarding Children with Psychological, Psychiatric or Personality Disorders Hosted by Alternative Care Communities as a Consequence of Penal Measures’, which aims to become the premise for the establishment of a shared protocol at European level.

Identifying the major deficits between the needs of such young individuals and the provisions of the centres where they are hosted, and the lamentable lack of cross-border interagency coordination and adequate national protocols on the matter, the guidelines set out to establish the steps required to make concrete improvements in this area.

The principal recipients of this document are intended to be political or strategic decision makers within the justice system and the health and social welfare systems, and practitioners who work on a local level to plan and implement programmes for the provision of care to minors and young offenders with psychological or psychiatric disorders.

The second of these documents is the ‘Handbook for Practitioners’. This publication is the result of the creation and testing – in the five partner countries involved in the project – of practices that increase the quality of integrated care provision to children in conflict with the law who have behavioural, psychiatric or psychological issues. It intends to be a useful tool for all professionals and actors who provide this care.

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