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Friday 7th of August 2020


Youth Impowerment and Innovation Project


The Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP) is a 3-year Erasmus+ funded programme that aims to design a youth-led, positive policy prevention framework for tackling and preventing the marginalisation and violent radicalisation among young people in Europe. The project started in March 2017.

Led by young people and coordinated by Dr. Theo Gavrielides (Founder and Director of The IARS International Institute), YEIP is delivered in partnership with 18 partners from seven EU countries to construct and test innovative, policy intervention models founded on the principles of restorative justice, positive psychology and the Good Lives Model (GLM).

YEIP is implemented through the construction and field validation of tools (YEIP PREVENT model/ interventions, toolkit, training) in 4 environments (schools, universities, prisons, online) in the 7 participating EU member states.

YEIP will lay the foundations for systemic change at the national level and EU levels. The ultimate objective is for the project to help implement the EU Youth Strategy’s objective of preventing the factors that can lead to young people’s social exclusion and radicalisation. The project is also in line with the EU’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy of 2005 (revised in 2008 and 2014).

The success of this youth-led project will demonstrate to European citizens the leadership and determination of EC institutions in rooting out the reasons that lead to young peoples’ marginalisation and radicalisation, firming up in this way trust and confidence.






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