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Thursday 2nd of April 2020

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What Lies Beneath



This is not an annual report. So forget the summary of what we’ve been up to or the impact assessment showing how great we are. None of this changes the world we live in for the better, so why continue doing it? Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t defeatism; it’s a new vision.

It has often felt like our role as NGOs, and in particular as CRIN, has been to complain about what’s wrong with the world, fuelling people’s despair about the total lack of respect for or recognition of children as rights holders. But stories of despair make us feel powerless, and this approach to children’s rights makes it easy to fall into a comfortable hopelessness. But this has to change, otherwise we will come to struggle to justify our existence.

And the change has to start within ourselves. That every year the global picture of children’s rights violations grows darker should make us question if what we’re doing is what’s actually necessary. This is something we’ve asked ourselves at CRIN. And it’s something that we’re inviting you to question too. We want to take a critical look at our victories and our failures both as CRIN, but more broadly as a children’s rights community



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2018 English

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Grey Literature Report


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