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Thursday 4th of June 2020

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Restoring the State Legacy of Rehabilitation and Reform

Children and Family Justice Center


The goal of this year-long series, Community Safety & the Future of Illinois’ Youth Prisons, is to provide an in-depth analysis of the deep end of Illinois’ juvenile justice system and to identify principles that can help Vol 1 January 2018 stakeholders develop systems more conducive to community safety and positive youth development. The series is a result of a multi-year research endeavour wherein a wide variety of policymakers were interviewed, over 150 stakeholders were surveyed, data was gathered and analysed, and an extensive review of academic and practitioner research was conducted.

This inaugural issue introduces the history and purpose of IDJJ, documenting the agency’s most significant changes and challenges over its first decade. Future issues will address specific aspects of Illinois’ juvenile system, including the roles that race, youth development, economics, family, and community play in youth incarceration. The series will culminate in a detailed set of recommendations, consistent with increasing calls from researchers and practitioners, for a five-year plan to end Illinois’ use of large, adult-modelled prisons for youth and to expand alternatives to incarceration.


North America - United States

Year Language

2018 English

Category Type

Grey Literature Report


Detention, Juvenile, Reform, Rehabilititation

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