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Tuesday 12th of November 2019

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Community sanctions

Anton van Kalmthout
IJJO. First International Conference on Juvenile Justice. Salamanca 2004.


Communication submitted in the First International Conference of Juvenile Justice "Juvenile Justice and the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency in a Globalized World". Salamanca 2004.

One of the characteristics of current criminal justice systems in European criminal justice systems is the still continuing search for alternatives to (short time) imprisonment. Interesting aspect of many of these recently introduced alternative sanctions and measures is that most of them are in fact revivals of old ideas and concepts dating back more than hundred years ago.

However, for many of the ideas promoted by the International Penitentiary congresses and the so-called Modern Movement at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century the spirit of the times was not ripe yet. It took about one century until in the 1970s many European criminal justice systems started again a search for new alternatives, that resulted in the introduction of what today is commonly called alternative sanctions, ntermediate sanctions or community sanctions. To a great extent these new sanctions are old concepts invented by the international reform movement of last century. This is especially the case with respect to community service, public reprimand, bail, compensation, house arrest, training programs and the withdrawal or restriction of certain rights.


European Union

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2004 English

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Grey Literature Communication


Alternative, Justice, Prisons, Sanctions, Systems


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