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Thursday 6th of August 2020

IJJO Activities

MHYO PROJECT - European comparative analysis and transfer of knowledge on mental health resources for young offenders

diciembre 2009 - diciembre 2011 Health, Mental, Offenders


The European Comparative Analysis and Transfer of Knowledge on Mental Health Resources for Young Offenders (MHYO) is an innovative and sustainable project aimed at sharing knowledge and expertise in the field of young offenders with mental health (MH) issues. Therefore, The European Commission’s Directorate General for Justice, Liberty and Security has supported the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) since the end of 2009 in the development, follow up and the leading action of the present project for analysis and comparison between European organisations that share an interest in the current situation of child and young offenders with mental health problems in Europe.
European Union Member States have to face similar issues when dealing with health, social, and justice institutions. The project aims to bring about innovative mechanisms for implementing a change and convergence, which foster all young offenders’ institutions and judicial services across the EU. There is a specific need for local, regional and national mental health institutions within the juvenile justice system in terms of MH resources for young offenders, as well as, mutual cooperation between bodies and agents with common responsibilities.


The ultimate goal of the MHYO programme during the two years is the future development of good practices and tailored professional training on young people’s evolutionary and psychological processes, taking into account their individual needs, from an integrative and multidisciplinary perspective on the part of the justice and health systems.


Volume I : National reports, state of Art and good practices.

Volume II: MHYO Manual for improving professional knowledge and skills, and developing advocacy program:
- Section 1. MHYO Training Tools for improving professional’s knowledge and skills.
- Section 2. Recommendations and Advocacy program.


[Applicant] - International Juvenile Justice Observatory. Belgium.
[Partners] - Workwise. The Netherlands
Pupil-Parent Partnership Ltd. United Kingdom.
Fundación Diagrama. Spain.
Fundacja Diagrama. Poland.
Association Diagrama. France.
Istituto Don Calabria. Italy.
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With financial support from the EU's Daphne III Programme
The European Comparative Analysis and Transfer of Knowledge
on Mental Health Resources for Young Offenders (MHYO)

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