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Friday 10th of April 2020

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Comprehensive Care for Women Adolescents in conflict with the law, and children/adolescents deprived of their family environment in Paraguay

junio 2012 - octubre 2012 Paraguay - National Gender, Juvenile, Rights


In order to promote the paradigm of comprehensive protection of minors deprived of their liberty, through this initiative, we intend to improve the services and mechanisms of Juvenile Justice in Paraguay, mainly in the field of prevention and effective application of legislation. This project involves the creation of a multidisciplinary team which, on a rotating basis, follows a comprehensive approach with minors in the reform centers of the country, given the profound shortcomings in these institutions. This team is responsible for providing legal, medical-psychiatric and psychosocial aid to the minors, ensuring their rights and contributing to their harmonious development and social reintegration. Furthermore, this team is also responsible for providing care and training to workers and directors of the centers, thereby reinforcing the educational intervention practices. The centers involved in the project – two of reform and three of protection, are attached to the Ministry of Justice and Labor. The experience gained in the project will be revealed in an Ibero-American Conference on Juvenile Justice with the participation of experts from different countries, in which also will be announced the results and conclusions of the project.


- Improve the services and mechanisms of Juvenile Justice in Paraguay, mainly in the field of prevention and effective application of legislation.

- Promote a paradigm shift in the implementation of Juvenile Justice, from a repressive and punitive doctrine where minors are treated as adults in criminal liability to a new one based on the respect for the Convention on the Rights of the Child and in the international standards on Juvenile Justice ratified by the Paraguayan State, where the minor is considered a subject of law, a developing human being, which is in development and therefore capable of being reintegrated into the society.

- Providing total care for children and young people in high social risk, deprived of their family and in conflict with the law in Paraguay.


Ibero-American Conference on Juvenile Justice, the Latin American Juvenile Justice Observatory, DNI-Paraguay and Fundación Diagrama will announce the results and conclusions obtained after the implementation of this project. This Conference will feature the presence of experts from different countries through a report of conclusions on social work with minors deprived of their liberty. The project has a bi-annual duration. During the first year of implementation: - The multidisciplinary team will treat a total of 212 children in detention (156 men and 56 women) and 13 adult women prisoners with children within the prison. -103 professionals of the centres will participate in different trainings scheduled in order to strengthen their educational intervention with minors.


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