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Tuesday 18th of February 2020

What we do

The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) constitutes a permanent international virtual space that serves as a point of encounter for the work and reflection of professionals, administrations and organizations involved in the field of juvenile justice. In different countries it enhances global, national and local analyses of the phenomenon, analysing the different ways in which young people come into conflict with the law, examining not only the aspects that these manifestations have in common, but also the way in which the causes of the phenomenon differ.

The organization of events, seminars, workshops, courses and the participation in international and European programmes allow the dissemination of relevant information, experience, works and materials that have been produced as a result of initiatives taken by the Observatory, or by individuals or bodies working independently of it.

Minors - IJJO Events and Programmes

September 2012 Bangladesh Child, Human Rights, Minors, Protection, Work

On September 18th-19th, The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) organized a two day-long seminar in cooperation with UNDP, DANIDA, SIDA and SDC in Bangladesh dealing with the topic “Child Protection, Compliance of CRC and Child Labour”.

At the inauguration of the seminar the Foreign Minister Dr. Dipu Moni, the guest of honour, said that “The UPR process is a global exercise and a new concept for Bangladesh”. She also stressed that Bangladesh has made good progress towards achieving the commitments made in 2009 at the Geneva Conference. The special guest Mr. Neal Walker, the United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representation in Bangladesh, added that even thought there is still much work to be done to implement the recommendations, Bangladesh has accepted 35 of 42 received recommendations to improve protection and promotion of human rights. 

July 2012 Minors, Violence

For the second time in six months, the International Juvenile Justice Observatory hosted within its premises an all-country meeting gathering several organisations dedicated to end violence against children in custody. This project, coordinated by the Children’s Rights Alliance for Children (CRAE), now enters its final phase and is already showing results of great interests.


On July 3rd and 4th, 2012, six organisations championing the rights of children in conflict with the law, one representant of the European Commission and an indepedent evaluator, met at the International Juvenile Justice Observatory in order to review the progress of each partner in a project entitled “Ending violence against children in custody”

June 2012 Belgium Justice, Minors, Rights, Social

On June 18th 2012, Save the Children - Italy held in Brussels the final conference of a European project entitled “Minor Rights”. Gathered at the Committee of the Regions, children’s rights experts, NGOs and international organisations shared and discussed the results of a research on access to justice conducted in Italy, Spain and Greece under the framework of Save the Children – Italy’s project.

Representatives of the United Nations, of European bodies and of various NGOs, among which the International Juvenile Justice Observatory, took part in this meeting to put Save the Children’s findings into perspective. As a result, Margaret Tuite, Child Rights Coordinator at the European Commission or Philip D. Jaffé, expert of the Child-Friendly Justice Guidelines drafted by the Council of Europe, were some of the experts, who took the floor for a valuable welcoming session, which was followed by an introduction to Save the Children’s project, “Minor Rights”.

May 2012 Spain Law, Minors, Penal

On the May 10th of 2012, the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) participated in the Meeting on Juvenile Criminal Law, organized by the Bar association of Legal Advisers of the Cadiz province in collaboration with the Town Council of Chiclana. This is a day of training for nearly 200 professionals in the field of legal assistance to juvenile offenders, including a large number of lawyers, judges and magistrates.

During the conference, professionals had the opportunity to know about the daily work of the International Juvenile Justice Observatory that presented its work which promotes Juvenile Justice both at international and European level. Specifically, it detailed the activities carried out by the Councils of Juvenile Justice which are created by the Observatory in each region worldwide. The Councils are think-tanks that bring together experts and professionals in the field of juvenile justice to address issues related to the rights of minors in conflict with the law. Besides, it presented the results of the work of the European Council of Juvenile Justice through the OIJJ Green Papers on child-friendly justice.

April 2012 Austria Abuse, Health, Justice, Mental, Minors, Offences, Offenders, Penal, Prevention

The IJJO organized jointly with UNODC in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Thailand a Side Event “Mental Health and Young Offenders: A challenge for the justice and the health system” in Vienna on the 27th of April 2012, during the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice 2012. Within the framework of the Mental Health and Young Offenders advocacy activities, the IJJO promotes and develops several advocacy actions. In this occasion, this MHYO Side event aims to raise awareness on the specific needs of vulnerable children with mental health problems, illnesses and disorders in the criminal justice system.

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