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Thursday 22nd of October 2020

What we do

The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) constitutes a permanent international virtual space that serves as a point of encounter for the work and reflection of professionals, administrations and organizations involved in the field of juvenile justice. In different countries it enhances global, national and local analyses of the phenomenon, analysing the different ways in which young people come into conflict with the law, examining not only the aspects that these manifestations have in common, but also the way in which the causes of the phenomenon differ.

The organization of events, seminars, workshops, courses and the participation in international and European programmes allow the dissemination of relevant information, experience, works and materials that have been produced as a result of initiatives taken by the Observatory, or by individuals or bodies working independently of it.

IJJO Events and Programmes

October 2005
Study of Comparative Law: Protection of Minors

The Eduardo Benot Institute for Juvenile Law and Social Science, an organisation which is part of the Diagrama Foundation, in collaboration with the Research Group "Children and Law" of the Faculty of Law at the Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid (Spain), participated in a research project to draw up a report on the child-protection Systems of Spain, Germany, France, England and Italy.

This report, commissioned by the Madrid Institute for Minors and the Family, entitled: "Protection of Minors: Study of Comparative Law (Spain, Germany, France, England and Italy)"; focused on the analysis of the situation of children at risk, children in situations of neglect, unaccompanied foreign minors and children with behavioural disorders.

This study allows for the determination of legal concepts and practices developed in other countries, with the aim of making proposals to the child-protection system in Spain, in order to confront the new situations and realities that society has to cope with.

March 2005
European AGIS Project 'Protection of Children in and from Prison'. Florence.

In March 2005, in Florence (Italy), as a result of the preparation of national reports by each member of the AGIS Project on the situation of minors in conflict with the law, different data and information were compared.

With the analysis of the reports, a draft programme was drawn up for the final conference of the AGIS Project on the 8th and 9th of December 2005.

March 2005 Argentina

On 18th and 19th March the 'First International Seminar - Institutional Response to Childhood at Risk - Juvenile Justice Problems'; took place at the Parque Española Cultural Complex (Rosario, Argentina), organized by the National Ombudsman, the local government and the Judicial Power. Distinguished specialists with regard to Argentina and Spain took part along with Ombudsmen of different jurisdictions of Argentina. The International Juvenile Justice Observatory also had the pleasure of participating.

February 2005 Spain

El pasado 17 y 18 de Febrero de 2005, se celebrá la 1ª Jornada Profesional de Trabajo, Reflexión y Análisis, sobre el Reglamento de desarrollo de la Ley Orgánica 5/2000, de 12 de enero, reguladora de la responsabilidad penal de los menores' organizada por el Observatorio Internacional de Justicia Juvenil, en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Murcia (España).

November 2004 Germany
European AGIS Project: 'Protection of Children in and from Prison'. Cologne

The first meeting between the members of the AGIS Project took place in Cologne (Germany) in November 2004.

During the meeting, different work subjects and areas were proposed to be subsequently developed and analysed in a national report written by each participating country - United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Spain. The report would be presented during the next meeting.

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