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Thursday 22nd of October 2020

What we do

The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) constitutes a permanent international virtual space that serves as a point of encounter for the work and reflection of professionals, administrations and organizations involved in the field of juvenile justice. In different countries it enhances global, national and local analyses of the phenomenon, analysing the different ways in which young people come into conflict with the law, examining not only the aspects that these manifestations have in common, but also the way in which the causes of the phenomenon differ.

The organization of events, seminars, workshops, courses and the participation in international and European programmes allow the dissemination of relevant information, experience, works and materials that have been produced as a result of initiatives taken by the Observatory, or by individuals or bodies working independently of it.

IJJO Events and Programmes

November 2007

The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) is to participate as a partner in the project, 'Juvenile justice systems in Europe - current situation, reform developments and good practices' part of the AGIS Programme.

The Department of Criminology at the University of Greifswald (Germany) as well as the Don Calabria Institute (Italy) and the International Juvenile Justice Observatory have established this programme based on an international network. The aim of the research is to collect knowledge about the legal situation actual legals reforms or proposals and the practices of juvenile justice agencies and courts (sentencing practice, development of treatment and educational facilities etc.). It also includes the legal situation and practice in residential care institutions and/or youth Grisons, focusing on gathering examples of "good practices" in the field of juvenile justice and juvenile institutions.

The results of the study could be used by the European Union as an important aterial for further harmonizing juvenile justice in Europe on the one hand and for disseminating "good practices" in this field on the other.


The different meetings and conferences will take place at:

First Conference: 21st - 24th June 2007. Greifswald. Germany. Organized by Ernst-Moritz University Department of Criminology.

Second Conference. 13th - -15th March 2008. Verona. Italy.

III Conference. 20th - 22nd October 2008. Valencia. Spain.

November 2007 France

The Enfance et Partage association fights against all kinds of mistreatment and for the acknowledgement of the Rights of the Child. For the occasion of its 30thh birthday, Enfance et Partage organized, in partnership with the International Juvenile Justice Observatory, the International Seminar: 'Ethics and childcare: a collective engagement'.

This international event took place on the 20th and 21st of November 2007 at UNESCO in Paris (France). The seminar focused on the following issued: media and endangered childhood; interdisciplinary communication and professional secrecy; youth offenders but also victims and accompanying the minor when parents fail.

November 2007 Spain

In November 2007, the IJJO organized, together with the General Direction of Juvenile Reform, of the Andalusian government's Department of Justice and Public Administration, an International Congress entitled "Phenomena in Juvenile Delinquency: New Penal Forms".

This international event brought together academic experts, researchers, policy and practice professionals from different countries in order to develop and communicate transverse strategies and policy responses to juvenile delinquency according to the following axes: Identification of Recent Patterns in Juvenile Delinquency (origin, analysis and comparative trends) and Policy and Practice Interventions (New initiatives and responses to juvenile delinquency).

We invite you to read the conclusions that were presented during the closing ceremony. as well as the different communications presented during the Congress. Please feel free to look through them and share your opinion on the International Juvenile Justice Observatory forum.

November 2007 Spain

The International Juvenile Justice Observatory collaborated in the organization of the Third World Congress on Child and Adolescent Rights which was held in Barcelona (Spain) between 14th and 19th November 2007. The IJJO organizad and moderated the roundtable on: "Recognition of the Rights of Adolescents in Conflict with Criminal Law: a Critical Perspective Derived from Practice", held on 15th November.

October 2007

The target group of the project 'Let bind safe net for children and youth at risk', are minors at risk or in situations of social exclusion. The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) participated in this programme as a collaborator, together with 15 other European countries (Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Turkey and Ukraine).

Our main aim was to create a thematic network through analysis, reflection, research and study of the results, as well as to develop a good-practices guide based on the work models of the different countries.

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